Yi Ying

YI Ying is a professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts as well as an art historian and an art critic. He is the head of the CAFA Journal editorial department, the director of Art Research magazine and the editor-in-chief of World Art magazine.

In his influential writings, Yi Ying has integrated the study and criticism of Chinese contemporary art and culture with an examination of modern China's relationships with the world. His numerous books include The Sun Sets on the Academy, The Case Study of a Chinese Contemporary Oil Painter: LIU Xiaodong, From Hero Lauds to the Earthly World, Slants: Reviews of Chinese Contemporary Artists, Western Art in the 20th Century, Words from YI Ying, A Crisis of Originality, Floating Reed, Transition and Chinese Contemporary Art Criticism.

Yi Ying's translations include translated Panofsky and the Foundations of Art History, The Oil Painting Materials and Techniques of Contemporary Artists, Arts and Civilization, Vision and Design, and L'ideologia del traditore. He has also written and edited numerous books, including Selected Works of Western Modern Art and Aesthetics (the volume on the Plastic Arts), Selected Works of World Art and Selected Works of Western Contemporary Art.