Su Wei

Beijing, China 1982

now works and lives in Hongkong, China

SU Wei (born, 1982) is an independent art critic and curator, based in Beijing and Hong Kong. Since 2008, his work has focused on theoretical practice and writings on contemporary art.

SU Wei received his BA at Beijing University in 2004, MA at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) in 2007 and PhD at CASS in 2012, after spending two years researching his dissertation in German, at the Free University, Berlin (2008-2010).

SU Wei was also involved in the curatorial team of 'Little Movements: Self-Practice in Contemporary Art' in 2011. In 2012, Su Wei co-curated the 7th Shenzhen Sculpture Biennale, OCAT Contemporary Art Terminal (OCAT), Shenzhen. In January 2014, he curated the exhibition, 'Keep the Modern Going: Immersion, Awaiting and Idealism', also at OCAT, and in March 2014, the exhibition, 'Position of Interference: Zhao Liang's Solo Exhibition', at the Three Shadows Gallery, in Beijing. His publications include Little Moments, Self-Practice in Contemporary Art (with others), Guangxi Normal University Publishing House, 2011; Accidental Message: Art is Not a System, Not a World (with others), Ling Nan Art Publishing House, 2012; Individual Experience: Commentaries and Narratives of Chinese Contemporary Art from 1989-2013 (with others), Ling Nan Art Publishing House, 2013. He has also written a commentary (with Carol Yinghua Lu) on Hans Belting: Art History after Modernism, in his own translation of the work.