Maxim Amelin

Kursk, Russia 1970

now works and lives in Moscow, Russia

Максим Альбертович Амелин (Maxim Amelin), a poet, essayist, translator, researcher of poetry, and publisher, was born in 1970 in Kursk, the central city of one of Russia’s westernmost regions, and since 1991 lives in Moscow. He graduated from the Commercial College in Kursk, served in the Soviet Army, and studied at the Gorky Literary Institute in Moscow. He is a member of the Russian PEN-Club and the Guild of Literary Translators. He directed the Symposium Publishing House (1995—2007) and is currently Editor-in-Chief for OGI Publishing House. He is a winner of many literary prizes, including The Anti-Booker Independent Prize (1998), The Novyi Mir Magazine Prize (1998, 2015), The “Anthologia” Poetry Prize (2004), The Moscow Reckoning Award (2004, 2012), The Znamia Magazine Prize (2010), The Ivan Bunin’s Prize (2012), The Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s Award (2013), The “Globe” Prize (2014) and The “Poet” Russian National Award (2017). He is a diploma winner of Russian National Award The Best Book of The Year in the nomination The Best Poetry (2004, 2011). He is a laureate of the award The Book Person of The Year in the nomination The Best Editor (2011).