Julie S.


Julie S. was born in Ukraine but belongs to the world.Choreographer, performer, teacher. She works mainly with contemporary dance, physical theatre, contact improvisation and site-specific performance. In her works she mostly interested in social problems, surreal reality, modern technologies and online process, trying to open a window to offline world.She studied at the Kharkov Ballet School on Modern Dance department. Was a student of International Dance and Performance Center TSEKH, Moscow, for 5 years. Participated in International Contact Improvisation festivals. She focused on workshops of contemporary dance, contemporary ballet, gaga language, contact improvisation, site specific performance, composition, ideokinesis.For 3 years she was a dancer of Modern Ballet studio, Kharkov, Ukraine. From 2009 to 2012 she was joining laboratoriya teatrra, Ukrainian plastic theatre company. In 2012 she became freelance dancer and founded DANCEGRITY, a company where performers can integrate and express any their own understanding of dance.