Power of Life: “A World of Flowers” Workshop



Tan Fangqi

Tutor: Tan Fangqi
Participants: 10 families at most (first come first served)
Date: June 1, 2020, 14:00-16:30
Venue: ARTsMALL Café, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum 1F (Wenshui Road 210, Building 3)

Works of Tan Fangqi

The raiding pandemic paused the world. It seems like we just got out of winter, and the next thing we know, we directly step into summer. As the extended hibernation ended, our collective and individual lives are also going back on track. Losing the scenery spring during the lengthy quarantine urges us not to waste a single second of the next season now that summer is here. At this special Children’s Day, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum collaborates with Tan Fangqi, the director of Ohara School of Ikebana Shanghai Oriental Division. Together they build a natural world with flowers and leaves, a healing space filled with summer aura, and a place for the kids.
Japan Ohara School Ikebana was founded in the late Meiji period and is one of the three major Japanese Ikebana Schools. More than representing natural landscapes, Ohara School emphasizes the value of observing, examining, and comprehending life. Seasonal qualities are essential in Ohara School Ikebana, so that all the materials used are in the current season. Ohara School also cherishes the original outlook of all materials, never altering their looks with force, but using their original shape and color to convey direct, powerful motions.


Every child is a natural, innocent flower with the incredible power of growth. On Children’s Day 2020, we hold this unconventional Ikebana workshop in an attempt to create a space for silent conversation and connection among human, plants, utensils, and space. The imagination and creativity of children’s can be maximally released in this event, adjusting the family dynamic to a new balance. Let us cleans our body and calm our souls in this lighthearted environment with natural energy of life.
Tan Fangqi will meet the children at the ARTsMALL café on the first floor of Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum. She will introduce them to various plants, and teach them to present the seasonal beauty with different plants and vessels. This afternoon, we will be expressing ourselves, and feeling the zen of life with the summer floral dance of Ohara School Ikebana.


Tan Fangqi

Resided in Japan for 20 years. She is the president of Ohara School of Ikebana Shanghai Oriental Division, Associate 2nd Term Master of Ohara School, member of Ohara Centre of Tokyo and member of Ikebana International.


1.The maximum participant number is 10 families.
2.Before entering the venue, participants should show their Shanghai QR Code and have their body temperature measured. If physically unwell (temperature is higher than 37.3℃, experiencing cough, or gasping for breath), entrance will not be admitted.
3.Please wear a facial mask during the event. All children should be accompanied by at least one guardian.