Minsheng Lecture: Design for Your Own Block



Jin Jing

Guest: Jin Jing
Time: January 9, 2021, 15:00-17:00
Venue: Multimedia Hall (1F), Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum

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“Sun Self Hotel” is a touching community building art project that takes place in a residential area in Japan. As aging and depopulation in Japan is getting serious and the community’s member are into old age, the number of vacant houses is rising. Artist Jun Kitazawa proposed a plan that transforms a vacant house into a special “hotel,” which opens twice a year. Each time the hotel serves a customized living experience that lasts two days and one night to one group of guests. The electricity used in the hotel needs to be collected by the guests.

On the plaza of Inodanchi, the hotelmen are accompanying the guests to collect electricity with solar panels.

With considerate planning of Jun Kitazawa Office and the organization of the local institutes, local children, teenagers, and seniors are united as an executive team to deliver a divine experience, including the DIY interior installation, thematic meals, interactive games, and the local living experience. Due to this special semi-annual event, quite a lot of seniors’ life has been changed. Some of them even say that their life is once again meaningful. The successful story of Sun Self Hotel has strengthened the co-founder of Dayu Community, Jin Jing’s belief of the value of community building projects.

Before and after Panyu Road 222 was upgraded.

During the 2018 Urban Design Festival, Dayu Community undertook the overall planning and executive work of community building at Xinhua Road. At one of the upgrading spots, Panyu Road 222, Dayu Community organized the Block Upgrading Open Day, with which the opinions of the local stores, residents, and pedestrians were solicited. It is their hope to transform the specific spot into a “children friendly pedestrian street.”

The First Good Community Festival at Panyu Road 222.

During the New Year’s Day holiday of 2019, Dayu Community invited the local residents, stores, and families of Xinhua Road to take part in the First Good Community Festival, whose theme is “children friendly.” The events include a family yard sale where idle items were exchanged, an interactive children theatre, and a “sweeping flash mob.” Through engaging the residents with diverse activities, Dayu Community offered an opportunity for everyone to explore the possibilities of upgrading the community.

In November, 2020, the Xinhua HOW Award Exhibition has become the party for the community

Xinhua Humanistic Original Works Award (Xinhua HOW Award) was organized by Xinhua Jie Dao and executed by Dayu Community. The contest is aimed at encouraging citizens to think about creative ways to design for Xinhua Road. It is a contest that invites everyone to brainstorm on the possibilities of Xinhua Road’s future. During the submission call, Dayu Community organized two workshops for urban design, which was to provide instructions and opportunity for the amateur designers to get to know about Xinhua Road.

Selected works from Xinhua HOW Award

Within a month, the Award had received more than 100 submissions from the local residents, including children, artists, and college students. The entries cover a range of practical products, illustration, videos, poetry, and home-made food, etc. After the submission call is closed, the committee decided to hold an exhibition for the shortlisted works and the stories behind them. Xinhua HOW Award has discovered both creative works designed for Xinhua Road, and also an energetic creative community that adds to the vitality of Xinhua Road community.
Co-creation reveals the diverse possibilities of the public place and introduces the charm of the site to more people. The key to co-creation is to increase the participation level within the community, through providing the chances for them to be the designer, artist, and curators for this community. For this lecture, we have invited Jin Jing, the co-founder of Dayu Community to share with us about how to participate into community building, how to find the right way to design a sustainable community.

About the Guest

Jin Jing

  • Co-founder of Dayu Community
  • Urban Planning and Community Building PhD of Tokyo Metropolitan University Minami-Osawa Campus
  • Co-founder of Community Anti-coronavirus Network (CAN)
  • Translator of Community Building Guide Book Founder of community life zine Xinhua Lu

As an urban designer, Jin Jing is dedicated to making connections and providing platforms for community building, researching and practicing the public engagement methods, tutoring and supporting new talents for community design. She is also engaged in the curriculum design, academic communication, and multiple research programs on community building and urban regeneration.