Minsheng Workshop Marbling: The Sparks in the Water


Minsheng Workshop



Wei Zhen

Tutor: Wei Zhen
Date: Saturday. December 7, 2019
Time: 14:00—17:00
30 participants at most

Venue: Multimedia Hall, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum
Address: Xinyefang 3, Wenshui Road 210, Jing’an District

About the Workshop

Paper marbling is an ancient painting method, which can produce patterns similar to smooth marble or other kinds of stone. The patterns are the result of color floated on either plain water or a viscous solution known as “size”, and then carefully transferred to an absorbent surface, such as paper or fabric.
The earliest marbling was used as the background pattern for calligraphy. After several centuries, marbling has been spread to many countries, and developed diverse styles in different regions.


The oldest marbling is known to be a Japanese technique called “Suminagashi”, a technique originated in China two thousand years ago and practiced in Japan in 12th century. Mountains, clouds, and natural views are what most seen in Suminagashi.
Another usual marbling form is “Ebru,” invented in 13th century T
urkestan. The practitioner uses natural methods to extract colors from natural pigments, which are then mixed with a few drops of ox-gall, a kind of natural acid, before sprinkling and brushing the colors onto a preparation of condensed liquid, where they float and form swirling patterns.
In this workshop, you are going to experience the old technique marbling yourself, feeling the amaze of capturing colors in the floating colors. Under the instructions of the tutor, you are going to make a unique marbling 2020 calendar.


Workshop Schedule

1.Learn about the history and different styles of marbling, materials and tools for marbling.
2.Learn about the creative language and the basic skills of marbling.
3.Try to make a marbling on a leather paper. Experience selecting colors, and transferring the patterns.
4.Make a marbling calendar.
5.Dry the marbling; bind the calendar with screws and cotton thread.

The Tutor

Wei Zhen

Founder of PP-paperpool natural pattern design studio. She got her master degree from China Academy of Art, and she currently lives in Hang Zhou. Compared to the designing and defining image, she prefers observing the delicate relationships in the surroundings, and collecting the blessed moments in daily life. She prefers using natural and ephemeral materials and exploring possibilities with the same attitude.