【Minsheng WE Action】Opening a Window in Spring Time

2021 World Autism Awareness Day Special Exhibition

Duration: April 2 14:30-18:00, April 3—April 7 13:00-18:00
Venue: Multimedia Hall 1F, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum (Xinyefang 3, Wenshui Road 210, Jing’an District)

About the exhibition

The Old Man by Zhou Xiang, Pudong Fudu School

There is a special crowd of people living among us: they have bright eyes that never meet yours; they have beautiful voice but never talk to you; they can hear the flowers blooming but seldom understand your words. Perhaps, although the gate to the bustling world in their hearts are shut, they are still exploring their own window while shining in their own world.

A Heaven in a Tree by Ke Lei, Hongkou Rainbow Pen Children Development Centre

Upon the 14th World Autism Awareness Day, we are exhibiting the artworks created by the autistic children from eight institutions, including Xuhui Dong Li Feng Mei Special Education School, Luwan Fudu School Affiliated with ECNU, Pudong Fudu School, Huangpu Special Education Vocational School, Hongkou Rainbow Pen Children Development Centre, Minhang Autistic Volunteers Association, Warm Charity of Jing’an District, and Love Star Castle Team. Aside from an exhibition dedicated to autism children, a photography workshop “The Pop Art World for the Children of the Star” will also be held in Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, which is related to the current exhibition THE POP IMAGE—Andy Warhol’s 1962-1987. In this workshop, the autistic children are going to participate in visual thinking and creating within the exhibition hall. Their works will be exhibitied in the special unit in the exhibition.

Doggy by Ye Ziqi, Luwan Fudu School Affiliated with ECNU

It is under the collective shelter and support of family and community that the autistic children are continiously self-exploring and enjoying the lively experience brought by creative art. Their paintings reveal the most precious innocence of the mankind, reminding us the healing power of art practicing. It takes the collective effort from various shareholders of society to help cure the autism. This event reflects on how diverse social forces are assisting the growth of autistic children by encouraging them to explore their potentials with art practicing. Meanwhile, this event also provides an opportunity for more people to learn about autism, and thus to increase the possibility of them helping more autistic children. Together we will extend the path to their brighter future, and help them find their own gate to mature in this world.

Outside the Window by Gu Tingyi, Xuhui Dong Li Feng Mei Special Education School

This exhibition is open from April 2 to April 7, 2021.

Special thanks to the generous sponsorship from Fuji Photo Film (China) Investment Co., Ltd. to the photography workshop