Minsheng Lecture Polyphony Day 3


Minsheng Lecture



Wang Jing


Li Huihui, 33, Xu Cheng

Polyphony is a term of sound synthesis, which means multi-part chorus. And it is the same situation of sound artistic creation in nowadays China, as “sound art”, “serious electronic music”, “MIDI music” and “experimental music” and other music types are developing simultaneously, the boundaries among which have been mingled and transformed into new definitions and possibilities. This program aimed to share the audience with this kind of diversity.

Section I: Women’s Voice for Art
Time: 14:00-15:30
Host: Wang Jing   
Keynote Speakers: Li Huihui & 33

On-site performance of “Wetware”/ 33

In the field of art creation, women artists have always been attracted a lot of social concern due to their self-identities and their unique perspectives of observing the world and creating their art pieces. Usually, the process of their artistic creation seems to be more absolute and intimate, especially their extremely unique sensitivity and ways of interpretation in the field of sound art.  In this section, Dr. Wang Jing who has conducted long term practices in sound art and anthropology collaborated with two Shanghai-based women artists, Li Huihui and 33, to show the audience some of their art pieces and had a discussion on the characteristics of women sound art creation.

Section II: Sound Meditation and Rituals of Contemporary Sound Art
Time: 15:40-17:10
Speaker: Xu Cheng

Jimi Hendrix was burning his electric guitar

The particularity of sound has made it as the important medium or element of spiritual rituals throughout human history. And various ritual music elements can be found in the field of contemporary electronic music. Such terms as “voodoo chile”, “electronic meditation”, “digital shaman” and “trance” have appeared constantly in contemporary music history. The development of anthropological research, psychedelic rock movement and electronic music in the 1950s-1970s has led contemporary electronic music to the field of spirituality. In this section, sound artist Xu Cheng shared the audience with his comparison of various types of ritual music and contemporary electronic music.

Play Rec - the cutting edge sound art & electronic music label from China

About the Speakers

Dr. Wang Jing, art anthropologist, sound studies scholar, and sound event organizer. She received her PhD degree at Ohio University (USA). She is awarded as Qiushi Young Scholar of Zhejiang University and is currently working as an associate professor and supervisor for MA students in the College of Media and International Culture at Zhejiang University. Her research focuses on sound studies, sensory studies, performance studies, and anthropological methods. Her present concern is on “hearing” and “field-recordings” as a kind of spiritual, social, political and cultural practice of sound. Her book Sound and Affect: An Anthropology of China’s Sound Practice (Zhejiang University Press, 2017) explores the concepts of freedom, affect and sound through anthropological research on China’s sound culture. In August 2014, she collaborated with local artists and founded a non-profit and non-government organization BUS to promote experimental and avant-garde art practices. In January 2015, she founded The Sound Lab at College of Media and International Culture at Zhejiang University to cultivate interdisciplinary projects on sound experiments and practices.

Li Huihui, born in Shanghai, is a printmaking graduate and transmedia artist.  She has adopted a pseudonym as Arrebato since 2009. She uses animation, installation, woodblock prints, painting and sound in her artistic creation. She founded an experimental music label in her early years, which included various music types such as electronic experimental music, improvisation and original sound tracks of independent films. She has also organized a series of experimental music performances. Recently, she has been invited to overseas artist-in-residence programs and her animation works have been screened in overseas film festivals.

33, original named as Wu Shanmin, is a Shanghai-based musician. She has joined various music bands/groups including 33 Island, BooJii, Muscle Snog and Duck Fight Goose. She released her EP track “EMSYGYDL” under the Shanghai-based electronic music label SVBCVLT in 2015 and has officially started her independent art project then after.

Xu Cheng, sound artist and event organizer based in Shanghai, member of Torturing Nurse (TN), The Mustangs in Social Modulator (TMISM) and China Sonic Avant Garde, award winner of ARS Electronic 2012, Chief person of Play Rec music label.