Poetry comes to museum LXIII


Activity Curator

Wang Yin


Hu Xudong


Gérard Macé

Meet the Poetry of Gérard Macé

Poet: Gérard Macé
Planner: Wang Yan
Host: Hu Xudong
Interpreter: Zhuo Yue
Date: Saturday. December 14, 2019
Time: 14:30—16:30
Venue: Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum

The 63rd Poetry comes to museum invites Gérard Macé, the famous contemporary French poet, essayist, writer, translator, photographer. Macé regards language as an inward activity of writers. If we listen to what bubbles up from the bottom of our heart, we will find an alternate reflection of the real world. His works cover literature, art, anthropology, etc. Trying to live poetically as Friedrich Hölderlin said, he owns an unshakable place at the contemporary poetry world.


Gérard Macé

Gérard Macé was born in Paris in 1946. He is a poet, essayist and translator. He published his first book Le jardin des langues in 1974 with Gallimard, at the age of 50. David Kelley's translation of Leçon de chinois (1981), or Chinese Lesson, was published in The New French Poetry, edited by David Kelley and Jean Khalfa (Bloodaxe Books, 1996). Brian Evenson's translation of Le dernier des Égyptiens (1988) was published as The Last of the Egyptians by Burning Deck in 2011.Gérard Macé received the Grand Prix de Poésie, given by the Académie Française for his life's work, in 2008. In 1980 he recieved Femina-Vacaresco award, followed by France Culture award in 1989, the Valéry Larbaud award in 1998, Roger Caillois award in 2002, and in 2008 he received Grand Prize for Poetry, awarded by the French Academy for all of his work. His work challenges the barriers between poetry and the essay. This play between and within genres is essential to his writing – which has been called essay merveilleux – and derives from a questioning of language in its broadest sense.

About the Host

Hu XuDong

A poet, scholar, translator. Studied at Peking University from 1991-2002, and currently teaching at School of Foreign Language, Peking University.

About the Planner

Wang Yin

A poet, writer, photographer. Planner of “Poetry Comes to Museum.” Authored poetry collection Poetry of Wang Yin, Lime Light, etc. Winner of Jiang Nan Poetry Prize, Dong Dang Zi Poetry Award. His works have been published in more than 10 languages oversea.

The Interpreter

Yue Zhuo

Yue Zhuo is a professor at Shanghai University, College of Liberal Arts. Director of Institute of French Studies at Shanghai University. She studies contemporary French Literature and Philosophy, Occident Literature, Contemporary French Movie, etc. An expert on cross-stylistic works by Georges Bataille, Roland Barthes, Pascal Quignard, etc. Her academic research papers have been published at the top academic journals in the US, France, and Britain. She is also a member of the editorial board of Barthes Studies and Lesans visage, revue d’études sur l’oeuvrede Pascal Quignard. An invited reviewer of Yale French Studies, French Forum, PMLA, the heavy names French comparative studies of the US.

Poetry Comes to Museum

Nowadays, art museums are providing with more and more kinds of art in not only the exhibition but also the atmosphere where the scholars could produce new knowledge and the public may be educated more actively, which make art museum a platform to contain all art. Poetry Comes to Museum was launched in 2012 by Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, which aims to provide an open platform for poets and poetry lovers to talk to each other, and therefore connects the poetry closely to our current life. As the first project that combines art with poetry, we invite top poets at home and abroad to share their creation with the public. This project has drawn a lot of attention with the academic and popular lectures and activities held since its beginning and was awarded the Annual Event Award of 2013 Culture China by the Oriental Morning Post, 2016 Annual Educational Programme by Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV and 2017 Annual Activity of Shanghai Citizen Study & Experience Institution.