Monoprint Workshop


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Hammer Chen

Monoprint Workshop

Tutor: Hammer Chen
Time: 14:00-16:00 August 5, 2018
Venue: Café (1F), Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum
Address: No.1929, Shibo Avenue, Pudong; entrance on Tangzijing Road
Number of People: 15 at most

Monoprint is uncopiable, and therefore, unique. Comparing to other kinds of printmaking, Monoprint is easier to produce. It requires fewer tools, and thus demands fewer steps of printmaking. The works can be seen on paper instantly. Therefore, Monoprint is the kind of printmaking with the least limits.

Numerous people are attracted by printmaking for its special textures. But apart from prints, this texture can also be applied in illustrations and designs, while Monoprint is one of the most practical ways to produce textures. Though the creating steps are simpler, Monoprint is very charming, with high flexibility and possibilities. Beautiful accidents always happen, making the creating process be worth expectations.

On August 5, Hammer Chen will bring in a Monoprint Workshop. He will teach us how to produce rich textures and experimental texture elements. He will also combine illustrations and printings to create graphics with amazing styles. These are the fundamental skills of illustrators and designers abroad. In this workshop, participants with no related experiences will be able to become a creator. With these skills, there is no need to worry about the shortage of elements in our personal material libraries!