【Minsheng Workshop】Yuan Xi Ji: Pudong Paper Cut


Minsheng Workshop



Chen Jinmei, Sun Lin

Traditional and graceful Chinese paper cut, with the power of the magical knife cut, leaves the red and white reflecting yin and yang, which presents the scene from the window to the world with the ‘hollow’. Like the colourful and varied Chinese folk culture, Chinese paper cutting style is also numerous and colourful: the auspicious, festive, wealthy, and well-being are the basis of the plain northern paper cut, slender beautiful southern paper cut and rich and gorgeous Jiangnan paper cut.
Pudong Paper Cut inherits Yangzhou paper cutting techniques. It combines the simple and smooth conciseness of northern paper-cutting with the delicate smoothness of southern paper-cutting, and boldly displays the artistic conception of Chinese landscape painting with paper cutting. Its ‘art language’ is unique, and it does not focus everything when it comes to expressing images. Instead, it uses various lines to express the three-dimensional object in a two-dimensional space, focusing on the ‘contour’ and ‘fine cut’ of objects. In terms of content, most of Pudong Paper Cuts are dominated by flowers, birds, figures, and landscapes. The paper cut lines are delicate and elegant, the composition is exquisite, the image is exaggerated but simple, and the techniques are changeable. This forms a unique and exquisitely artistic charm unique to Pudong Paper Cut.

Today, Pudong Paper Cut has gone out of the country. The exhibitions have taken place in the United States, Britain, Singapore, Japan and other countries. In 2010, the 16-meter-long scroll Pudong Paper Cut The Qingming Shang He Tu was also exhibited at the Shanghai World Expo. In 2015, Pudong Paper Cut was included in the fifth batch of intangible cultural heritage in the Pudong New District.
As this workshop coincided with the Lantern Festival, we invited the master of Pudong Paper Cut Chen Jinmei and inheritor Sun Lin to the ARTsMALL Cafe, to share with the public with the paper cutting technique and also create the New Year blessing with this special experience of paper cutting art.


Chen Jinmei:Pudong, Shanghai, retired teacher with senior title. She currently serves as a member of the Senior Committee of the Shanghai Calligraphers Association. Her paper-cutting studio was established in January 2009. At the beginning of her establishment, she was given a ‘Chinese craftsmanship’ title. Her main award-winning paper cutting works include: Qing Ming Shang He Tu, Min Zu Da Tuan Jie, Shui Hu Yi Bai Ling Ba Jiang, Wu Shi Liu Ge Min Zu.