Minsheng Lecture:Brainstorm Camp: Story of Materials


Minsheng Lecture



Liu Xiaochen


Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, Academy of International Visual Art

Tutor: Liu Xiaochen

In the process of art creating, we have tons of innovative ideas. As the innovation updates, art works demand to take alternative presenting forms, and it is being put into practice. Creating asks for not only professional producing skills, but also multiple materials.  A new material drives us to experiment and explore, to feel its uniqueness, and listen to its conviction. The exploration bestowed by the multiple new materials brings countless fun to the creating process – the very reason why it is charming.

Accessories made of different materials

Different from conventional jewelry, contemporary jewelry is called “wearable sculpture.” This lecture will explain the how traditional metalworking and how multiple materials is used in contemporary jewelry.

After the lecture there is a workshop. We will offer some materials and tools for the innovation on site. This may change your opinion for jewelry. You will use materials from daily life to create accessories. Witness how your imagination and practice may open up a brand-new path for creating.

Accessories made of different materials

Workshop procedure:

1. Team up based on the number of participants.
2. Straws, trash bags, paper, ropes, and art tool such as scissors, glue, brooches will be provided to every team.
3. Innovate a brooch with the materials.
4. Each team send a representative on stage to share the story of innovating the brooch.


Liu Xiaochen
In 2013, she graduated from the jewelry design graduate program of Shanghai University. She won the second prize in “Dream for Future” Creative Jewelry Design Contest in 2015, the third prize in 2015 Shanghai Cutting-Edge Jewelry Design Competition, and the first prize in “Dream for Future” Creative Jewelry Design Contest.

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