【Lecture】Brainstorm: Research


Minsheng Lecture



Yang Ziyi


Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, Academy of International Visual Art

Tutor: Yang Ziyi

In the traditional learning, students, as passive listeners and receivers, has been trained a lot in their memory and comprehension skills. Nowadays, more and more teaching methods try to encourage students to find a question, do a large amount of research work on it, and therefore find the best way to answer it by themselves. It is important to establish the learning objectives and methods, including asking questions on your own topics, and using the right methods to find suitable research materials. It is not enough to convince the audience with only one good basic idea that cannot be developed into a mature concept.

Research case: sketch book at the beginning of creation

This lecture aims to share a new way of ‘creating during the Research process’. The tutor will introduce the basic definition of Research, and show how to discuss based on the distinguish between art and design, how to go deep into the whole creative thinking process, and also consider from the inspiration collection to the finish, which are the key things that should be taken into account during the creation.

Human left and right hemispheres are ‘designed’ to understand and process different information.

The tutor will also use two common methods - brainstorming and emotion board to interact with the public to help stimulate imagination and expand thinking. We will prepare interesting materials for the public to complete the collage creation and help the participants enrich and improve your own ideas and accurately find your visual language.


Yang Ziyi:Leader of AIVA Contemporary Jewellery Studio and teaching assistant of foundation and portfolio students.
She studied product design at the China Academy of Art. During her undergraduate period, she became passionate about jewelry design. After attending the two-year jewelry major master’s preparatory course at AIVA, she went to the Birmingham City University Jewellery Institute and obtained a master degree.
While studying at Birmingham City University, she was an assistant in Story Meadow project which was based on Birmingham Library and a member of S[q]WOT Studio of Birmingham City University.