Minsheng Lecture:The Past and Present of the Classical Poetry


Minsheng Lecture



Liu Li


Dong Botao, Huang Fuhai, Luo Lianggong, Wang Jiankai


Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, 上海翻译家协会 (?), 复旦大学“奇境译坊” (?)

【Classics & Translation】The Past and Present of the Classical Poetry

A wonderful dialogue would focus on the English translation of Chinese classical poetry. Among them are the appreciation and comparison of translations by some of the famous translators and sinologists. They also give an in-depth interpretation of the translation strategies of these works. Moreover, they also discuss the differences between Chinese and Western poetry, the influence the Chinese poetry brings to western modern poetry and ideology.


Huang Fuhai is a member of the Shanghai Translators Association, the Chinese Poetry Society and the Shanghai Poetry Association. He graduated from Fudan University with a Bachelor of Arts in English and American Literature and studied at the University of Leeds in the UK majoring the British Poetry. He is currently a senior legal translator in a law firm in the United Kingdom. He is engaged in the independent translation and research of English classical poetry and Chinese classical poetry. He also writes and publishes old-style poems and modern poems; and has published more than ten articles on Chinese classical poetry and English translation of Chinese poetry and Chinese translation of English poetry. His translation works into Chinese include Irish Contemporary Poem Selection, Yehuda Amichai’s poem collection Open Closed Open, Fitzgerald’s novel The Love of the Last Tycoon, Kenaz’s novel Returning Lost Loves, Maugham’s short story collection The Casuarina Tree and Duffy's poem collection Love Poems. He also translated Chinese classical poems including Kong Que Dong Nan Fei, Mu Lan Ci, Li Bai Shi Xuan, and the English translation of Hu Shi's Poem Selection. Old-style poetry works include Da An Shi Ji, biography work Wu Tao Tao Biography (co-author).

Luo Lianggong, professor of School of Foreign Languages in Central China Normal University, and executive director of CAAP, University of Pennsylvania, USA. Publication include The Interplay between Art and Politics: A Study of Langston Hughes’s Poetry, Introduction to British Poetry, Language Poetics, Selection Poems of Charles Bernstein, Our Common Sufferings: An Anthology of World Poets in Memoriam 2008 Sichuan Earthquake.

Dong Botao holds a Ph.D. degree in Chinese classical literature at Fudan University; he is a translator, a researcher and publisher of literature and culture. He is the curator of the Xu Wang book series and the Classic Library of Comparative Literature Masters, and the editor of the Northern Light poetry. His translation works include ‘Being an Author’, ‘Testimony of War’, ‘Hell and Friends’, ‘Lawrence's Poetry Collection’, ‘Writer's Note’, ‘Maya: Beautiful Language’. His publications include ‘The Keats Poetry Selection’ (to be published) and the English translation of Tang poetry selection ‘You Yuan Tang Yin’.

Wang Jiankai, professor and Ph.D. supervisor of Fudan University's Foreign Languages ​​Institute, deputy director of the Fudan University Literary Translation Research Center, member of the Translation Professional Teaching Collaboration Group of the Ministry of Education, and a member of the Shanghai Translators Association. He has completed and published the National Social Science Fund Project once, and chaired the Humanities and Social Sciences Research Project of the Ministry of Education twice. He published more than 20 academic papers and published three translations. The English-language translation of Peking Opera Farewell My Concubine (fragment) was performed and broadcasted on CCTV. His Research focus is translation history and literary translation