【Lecture + Workshop】French Plastic Artist Isabelle Richard: De Souvenirs en Souvenirs (From Memories to Memories)


Minsheng Workshop

Minsheng Lecture



Isabelle Richard


AllianceFrancaise Shanghai - Chine, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum

About Activity

Part 1 Lecture: The History of Intaglio Print Art

Intaglio, as a technique of a printmaking, first emerged in Europe in the fifteenth century, and became a common medium in various art practices after being introduced to the artists.
What is print? How many different kinds does it contain? What makes intaglio special? How was it born and how did it evolve? How did the early printmakers (Durer, Rembrandt) create? What kind of indissoluble bond between post-Romanticism (Goya, Odilon Redon) and print? Is there any new trend and development of print in contemporary context? How does the new generation use this ‘old’ printmaking techniques? The artist Isabella Richard will unveil the mystery of the print.

Part 2 Workshop: Have an Experience in Intaglio Print Art

This time, the French plastic artist Isabella Richard has come to China to share with us the creative inspiration and experience from her multidisciplinary artistic project De Souvenirs en Souvenirs, and to show the public get better understanding of print through this master workshop.

Bring a photo full of your personal memories,
Under the artist’s guidance,
You will create and print your own unique prints.


Children should be over 7 years old and art creation experience is not required.

Introduction of the workshop:
1. The artist will briefly introduce a variety of creative techniques for printmaking and share with you her own source of inspiration and experience.
2. Under the artist’s guidance, you will use dry-point way to print.
3. Print out your own prints.

Due to the ink print used in the workshop, it will be nice of you to prepare some used clothes.

About Artist

Isabelle Richard

Isabelle Richard is a plastic artist registered at the Maison des Artistes. She graduated from School of Fine Arts Quimper, painting specialty. As a plastic art practitioner at various primary schools from 2000 to 2014, she also followed a two-year intaglio printmaking training at Yves Doaré’s studio, then graduated with a degree in art history. From 2014 to 2016, she worked as a lecturer in plastic art at the Awakening Center for Visual Arts Contemporary of Ile-Tudy (Finistère), providing courses in intaglio printmaking, drawing and painting for children and adults.
In 1998, she came to China to learn Chinese calligraphy at Zhou Hairuo's workshop in Kunming; later she also went to Alberto Ordaz’s studio in Veta Grande, Mexico to practice lithography and etching. She started practiced the contemporary dance since 2009; and now she has participated in dance workshops, free improvisation and dance-contact with renowned artists for 5 years.
Isabelle Richard is the founder of the multidisciplinary artistic project De Souvenirs en Souvenirs, in which the artist will first write texts soliciting sensory memories, then draw, and create some mixture between several artistic practices such as drawing, dance and writing; therefore she will lead the audience to connect their stories with their own feelings and memories.
In the last 5 years, Isabelle Richard’s works have been exhibited in a dozen exhibitions in the city such as Douanier, Zacatecas and Rene.