Last week: Come to the Weather War with the Curator


Minsheng Lecture

The ongoing exhibition in Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, The Weather War is going to end soon, where two Swedish artists are presenting their thoughts towords the climate through the video, sculpture, installations and photography.   

The Weather War is curated by Wang Kaimei, rated at least four stars in all five aspects of Ya Chang monthly curator influence list, including academics, curation, exhibition effect, public cognition and influence and internationalization. (See

This Sunday, as the last day of this exhibition, Wang Kaimei will again show up in the exhibition hall to accompany the visitors. Those two artists based their art experience on the science; they interview the professionals in the climate area and even physically got into the weather. Why did they do that? What did those strange installation want to express? If you have any other doubts or want to discuss with Kaimei, you must come to it!

Wang Kaimei introducing the exhibition at the opening

Guided Tour & Discussion

Date: April 16th, 14:00-15:00

Location: The Introductory Wall (2F) Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum

During the exhibition, you can also turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone and enjoy the Weather Shaking. Six interesting quizzes are waiting solved.

Besides, the documentary The Weather War is the bible to ‘open’ this exhibition and a must to understand it. It can also be seen as a graphic document, while the exhibition is a institutional extension of a collection of the objects seen in this video. Please take advantage of the screening schedule below and participate in both the film and the discussion.

A screenshot from The Weather War, the artists are chasing the hurricanes to use their artworks to twist them

Screening Schedule

Saturday, Sunday
Begins at full clock
Duration: 56’
Location: Interactive Multimedia Room (2F) Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum


Kaimei Olsson Wang graduated from Beijing Normal University and received the Master degree in Contemporary Art from Sotheby's Institute of Art. She lives in Sweden and engages in writing, translating and culture communication. In 2015 she established the Beyond Frozen Point film festival with Li Shanshan, that brings the video work in the North Polar region into China. She also curated a special section The Other North with Chinese films in the Tromsø International Film Festival. She is also an art writer and contributor for many art magazines in China and now works as an independent curator and art critic. She now lives and works in Stockholm and Shanghai.