Kids Museum Call for participants for Theatre Workshop





Wang Yuezi, Wang Yixuan

Portable Tent

Tutors: Wang Ziyue, Wang Yixuan, Cui Liwei
Date: Saturday, Sept. 28, 2019
Time: 14:00-16:00
Participants: 20 families (a parent with a child) at most
Recommended age: more than 5 years old
Free of charge
Venue: Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum (
Xinyefang 3, Wenshui Road 210, Jing’an District)

About the Workshop

The lights on “Traveler’s Stage” are no spotlights, but the light from the starry skies, the fireflies, or the light from the windows in the neighborhood. Once the little travelers discover a scenic spot, they set up their stage in a tent, where their body and mind are set free.
“Travelers’ Stage” belongs to children who independently set them up. Growing up and exploring the world, they need a space to set their imagination free, and to play as they like. Traveler’s Stage is a safety island for children to play, and also a tree
 hollow for them to store their emotion during their growth.
 these tents dwells the children’s inner world, whether the tent is set during a journey or at the household.


Ulla von Brandenburg, Two Times Seven II, Installation, Video, 2018.

Named as “Travelers’ Stage”, this portable tent theatre workshop resonates with the exhibition entitled “Your footsteps are the road, for there is no road – An artistic road amid the Marcel Duchamp Prize artists”. In this workshop, the participating children will set up their own coolest tents with elements such as cloth collaging, creative texture, and architecture.
During the construction, the tutors will guide the children to explore various aspects of creating technique and different cloth textures. Therefore, the workshop will involve numerous daily life components such as clothes, socks, and table cloth. These will become the vital inspiration for the participants.
Since these traveler’s tents resemble Ulla von Brandenburg’s stage work, after the workshop, they will be selected to be placed around the museum as gaming device. They will be giving warm welcome to other young travelers who would like some “adventures”.

The Schedule of the Workshop Ice-breaking Games

Through warming-up body games, the participants would get to know each other, and become more familiar with the space.

Body Exploration
This part will help the participants to approach the daily aesthetic and physical construction with trainings including body construction and body imagination.

Tent Design
The tutors are going to talk about the tools and styles for building a tent. The participants are going to discuss about their tent styles in groups, and draw their blueprint for the tents.

Tent Building
Participants are going to build and decorate their tents in groups.

Tent Adventure
The participants will discuss about their own passing moves in groups, and complete them in their own tents. They will also set up the connecting routes between the tents to show their parents around.


Art hides in the daily mundaneness. In an over-informative era, let’s filter the excessive information to find the original life.

  1. Art, firstly, is a living attitude
  2. Explore the sensibility
  3. Protect our imagination
  4. Learn to think and transform
  5. Find your own expressive approach
  6. Discover your aesthetic preference
  7. Remember: you are the best artwork


Requirements for the participants

1.Please bring some old clothing as the material of tent building. These will be used as decorative texture.

2.Please wear something comfortable and loose-fitting.

3.The participating children are encouraged to make things independently (parents can offer help under some circumstances). Please be careful with tools.

The Tutors

Wang Ziyue

Artist, curator, the founder of Capsule Mall. She is engaged in contemporary art for years and has organized her own exhibitions in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, etc. She has organized “30 Years of Experimental Theatre” exhibition, which was the Chinese experimental drama documenta for the first time. At the end of 2016, Ziyue founded Capsule Mall, which focuses on innovative children's theatre development, promotes community theatre and explores the combination of art and life, media and drama. In 2019, Wang Ziyue was invited to design curriculum to train the art teachers of Zhejiang Province.

Wang Yixuan

Wang Yixuan, experimental theater artist, CCD Workstation/ The Living Dance Studio artist, National three-level psychologist, and the co-founder of Capsule Mall. She is engaged in the field of children's education and psychological counseling, with rich experience of children education. She has performed in her theater work in Austria Vienna Arts Festival, Singapore Arts Festival, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and many other places.