Kids Museum: Traveling at Another Dimension





Wu Kongkong

Tutor: Wu Kongkong
Date: Saturday. November 23, 2019
Time: 14:00—16:00
30 families (a parent and a kid) at most
The participants should be above 6 years old
Free of charge
Venue: Multimedia Hall 1F, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum

About the workshop

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” With your unique perspective, a normal view can be filtered to a splendid space-time. An art museum is a place where art takes place. The historic pillars and artifacts construct a collective memory of the public. In this workshop, we are going to give the children a key to the art museum’s space. They are going to travel through time, and converse with the art works. With their imagination and creativity, they will construct a kingdom of their own.

In this workshop, every kid is a multi-dimension traveler. We will provide pictures of the art museum, the surroundings of the museum, the exhibition and event as materials, for children to draw the story on their mind under the instruction of the tutor.

In this process, the children will be led to explore the techniques of adjusting shapes and colors. They will also be guided to observe the delicate details of daily life, whereupon they will shape their own perspective to see the world and feel the blessed moment in life.

Workshop Procedure

1.Conceive with the provided image under the instruction of the tutor.
2.Construct different stories with imagination and creativity, and put yourself into the story.
3.Select a group of photos (about 4-6 photos) to create a story upon.
4.Share the magical kingdom you built with the others!

  1. Art is everywhere
  2. Explore the sensibility and creativity
  3. Protect and train our imagination
  4. Learn to think and transform
  5. Find your own expressive approach
  6. Discover your aesthetic preference
The Tutor

Wu Kongkong

Independent illustrator. Currently lives in Zhengzhou. Graduated from Donghua University, Visual Communication Major. She now has her own studio in Zhengzhou. She is dedicated to exploring the beauty of a city. Collaborating with Cultural Relics Bureau of Zhengzhou, she established “Kong Kong Museum”. She is the featured illustrator of Blank Set and Design Youth. She was invited to the “Zheng is Eating” illustration exhibition, “Dhama” Cross Media Contemporary Art Exhibition.