【Kids Museum】Special Event for Children’s Day





Liu Yi

Have a most special Children’s Day at the art museum

The most precious moment is when I am with you
How to make Children’s Day interesting and impressive
For both your kids and you?
Minsheng Modern Art Museum prepares a special event for this Children’s Day


Guide: Liu Yi (Mr. Children’s Day)
Recommended Age: 6-14 years old
Number of People: 20 families at most (a parent and a child)
Date: June 1st, Sat. 14:00-16:00
Venue: Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum (Xinyefang 3, Wenshui Road 210, Jing’an District)

All children under 14 years old and their accompanying two families are allowed to visit the displaying exhibition “Tatsuo Miyajima: Being Coming” for free at Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum.

There is also another workshop for both the underage and the grownups. “Let’s Hug: Mobile Phone Painting and Public Art Workshop” is for everyone. Feel free to come and enjoy yourselves!

About the workshop

Liu Yi Mobile Phone Drawing Series
Smart Phone, Sketch Book X

It is written in Little Prince that, a day is different from the rest, and a moment is different from the others, with ceremonies. On this day specifically marked for the kids, and for the happiness, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum invites the artist Liu Yi (Mr. Children’s Day) and his team to host the special workshop for both the kids and the grownups: “Let’s Hug: Mobile Phone Painting and Public Art Workshop.” It is a special event for Children’s Day and a nice opportunity for us to recall and relive the golden time with families.
During the workshop, the participants will make art crafts in different groups. The materials include corrugated
 paper, acrylic pigment, pencils, paint brushes, paper tubes, PVC structures, utility knives, etc. Together everyone will turn the artist’s work 20170417 into a public art, with the help of a colorful instruction book. 20170417 is a mobile phone drawing inspired by the mundane moment of the artist and his child Yiyi. Let’s spend a most special Children’s Day with making, interacting with, and feeling the art.


Liu Yi’s mobile phone drawing

Event Goal

Improve the relationship between parents and children.

To experience the happiness of art making and body contact.

The sense of achievement after turning a drawing into a public art work.

The fun of team work and social connecting.

The joy of expressing oneself, thinking and making.


“Since April 14, 2015, I have been painting on my mobile phone with my fingers every day. After I finish, I always post it at the Moment in WeChat. This job quickly becomes part of my life, bringing me joy and excitement of creating, and also giving me peaceful moments with myself after a long day. The convenience of drawing on my mobile phone is obvious: I can paint everywhere, on the bus, metro, taxi, at a café, a restaurant, in a classroom hospital, down by the road, or in my living room… Of course, most of the time, I draw on the sofa in my studio. Even when I am away for work or vacation, this project has never been paused. Naturally, it becomes my “visual journal.” The content includes sketches of the scenes and still life, and sometimes a visual recall of a certain scene. Some images seem absurd, but they are my expression of an inspired moment, or my detached imagination of my life scenarios.”

Liu Yi

Artist’s Manuscript

“Today, our turtle escaped from the tank. My son was stunned, and he fled into my arms.”
20170417, mobile phone drawing journal

Workshop Procedure and Instructions

Group Forming
The participants will be divided into “parents’ group” and “children group.” The parents will be working together to make the “Father,” while the children will be making “Kid.”


Art Making Procedure

  1. Draw the “body” on the corrugated paper according to the instructions.
  2. Cut the corrugated paper with the utility knife.
  3. Color the corrugated paper with brushes.
  4. Install “Let’s Hug” according to the instructions. The paper tubes will be the joints. Place the long tube at the head and the back as support of the work.

Picture Time

Liu Yi’s mobile phone drawing work

It is important to understand that the art of life starts from the pieces of the daily life. In an era of information booming, let’s filter the extra information and look at life in its original appearance.


  1. Understand that “art is a kind of attitude of living.”
  2. Develop the ability of feeling.
  3. Protect and train your imagination.
  4. Learn to think and convert.
  5. Find the best way to express yourself.
  6. Keep digging into your aesthetics.
  7. Don’t forget that you are your excellent art work!

Parents can assist the children to make art. Please be careful while using the utilities.

About Liu Yi


Liu Yi is engaged in the practice of art and design, teaching and promoting art. He is an associate professor and director of Public Art Department of Shanghai Institute of Visual Art (SIVA); director of Shanghai Designer Association and the founder of 61CREATIVE studio. Mr. Liu’s multidisciplinary works involve public art, multimedia art, installation, sculptures, as well as furniture and visual art. His works have been presented at various art and design exhibitions around the world. Mr. Liu has abundant experience in project designing and planning for numerous social brand projects. He served as the Executive Director of the sculpture design project at Shanghai EXPO Centre in 2010, Senior Consultant of Nordic and China Art Festival and executive curator of “Shanghai: Re-design” of Design Shanghai 2013. Curator of “Lumiére China” Light Festival 2015. Curator of ‘Design Fuelling Station’ and ‘Local Design Beat’ in Shanghai Art & Design.2016 Shanghai Project public art researcher. “Historical Heritage and Public Art” workshop professor at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in 2017. Teacher of “Bauhaus Classroom 2.0” organized by Generalkonsulat der Bundesrepublik Deutschland in Shanghai Cultural and Education Section. Japan 2018 npo S-AIR on-site artist. Academy award of “The Charm of Harmony” creative photography competition.