Kids Museum:Doodle Corridor No.18





Bi Rongrong

Recommend age: 4-12 (accompanied with an adult family)

Doodling, one of the major activities and communication forms along the growth of children, is also a positive learning activity, which encourages the development of senses, the precise movements of hands, and emotions. It serves as a helpful method that cultivate early ability of observation, concentration, and imagination of children, preparing them for the later learning of painting and the future life. Furthermore, doodling is also a language for children to express their thoughts and a bridge between the physical world and how they view it.

Started from last year, so far, 18 artists have been invited to the Doodle Corridor as tutors. More exciting activities will be continued this year.


Bedroom is the most familiar private space of ours. We can play in it, and we can study, or sleep, or dream in it. We can also sink in our own thoughts, or share stories with our parents, or just simply do nothing in it. From Van Gogh to Frida, numerous artists in history have painted the bedroom, and these works have been collected in the museum. Why not share our own bedroom with artist Rongrong Bi! Your doodles will also be displayed in the museum!

Requirement: Participant should select a gadget from his or her bedroom, which is often used, as a gift for exchange.


Bi Rongrong ,Born in 1982 in Ningbo, Bi is currently living and working in Shanghai. She attained Bachelor’s Degree of Literature from Chinese Painting program of College of Fine Arts of Southwest China Normal University in 2005, and Master’s Degree of Fine Arts from Chinese Landscape Painting program from Art College of Sichuan University. Due to her interest in the connection between traditional Chinese painting and contemporary art, Bi started her academic life in Europe. In 2008, she was enrolled in the MFA painting program of Frank Mohr Institute of the Netherlands and graduated in 2010 with her Master’s Degree of Fine Arts. During this period, she participated in the three-month exchange program at the MFA Painting program of School of Design in University of Pennsylvania. In terms of residency program, she stayed in Les Verrieres Residences-ateliers de Pont-Aven in France for three months; she was in Swatch Peace Hotel Art Residency in Shanghai for six months; she was in Breath Residency Programme in Manchester, England for three months.

Doodling Tips

Shanghai Minsheng Museum will offer participating children the needed art crafts, including paints, brushes, palettes, and little aprons as well as oversleeves. However, the best choice for clothes is avoiding the fancy ones, in case of accidental splashing of paints on clothes.

About the Doodle Corridor

The doodling of children is not only an are activity, but also a way for them to get to know the world, to express their feelings, to create and connect with others, and thus attain the positive, natural way to grow. According to diverse characteristics and needs of children, Doodle Corridor program provides a space for children to create and express, encouraging them to flow out their emotions, understandings, and imaginations in various forms of arts, boldly and freely. They will acquire the experience of moving with their own strengths, feeling with their own feelings, thinking with their own minds. It will be a great opportunity for them to exercise the ability of actively taking actions, as well as the desire to paint.

What children need is not instructions, but the right attitude. We provide painting partners for them, leading them to the artistic journey of exploring the world and themselves, in a hope for them to expand their knowledge, broaden their horizons, strengthen their intelligence, and enrich their spiritual world.