Kids Museum:Body Workshop





Zheng Yuqian

Searching our digital body code

Tutor: Zheng Yuqian
Suggested age: 6-10
Number of people: 20 families (one parent and one child)
Date: July 6, Sat. 10:30-12:00
Venue: Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum (
Xinyefang 3, Wenshui Road 210, Jing’an District)

About the Workshop

Code is an essential part of today’s society. Every one owns their own codes of various meanings.
The so-called code is a group of symbols that hides the original information. The connection between the code and the original ones is only known to the transformer. Numbers are the most widely-used code. Aside from our date of birth, the most sacred code we are given by fate, our lives are surrounded by other numbers: for instance, our weight and height, our exam score, phone number, home address, accounts and passwords, etc. All of these numbers are meaningful to the
individuals. They are what we hide ourselves in, protect ourselves with, and construct our lives within.


The unlimited creativity is the precious gift of children. This workshop is going to be held at the exhibition space of “Tatsuo Miyajima: Being Coming” at Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum. It is going to guide the children to explore and create with numbers as the media.
Through playing together, we hope that parents and children can know the world and better and connect intimate physical communication with each other. You will also be searching for the numbers that is meaningful to you, and to strengthen your relationships through body games with numbers.


It is important to understand that the art of life starts from the pieces of the daily life. In an era of information booming, let’s filter the extra information and look at life in its original appearance.

  1. Understand that “art is a kind of attitude of living.”
  2. Develop the ability of feeling.
  3. Protect and train your imagination.
  4. Learn to think and convert.
  5. Find the best way to express yourself.
  6. Keep digging into your aesthetics.
  7. Don’t forget that you are your excellent art work!


  • The participants are suggested to be children of 6-10 years old, and each should be accompanied by only one parent.
  • Please make sure your clothing is suitable for movement. Dresses and skirts are not recommended.
  • The workshop involves a lot of movement. A set of spare clothes is suggested to prepared for your child.


About the Tutor

Zheng Yuqian

Artists of multidisciplinary, choreographer, dancer, and teacher. MFA of performance art from Long Island University. Zheng is from Taiwan. Since she first knew about contact improvisation during college, she has been focusing on the pedagogy of creative movement. She joined Chen & Dancers as a dancer and a dancing tutor during her years in U.S., where she cooperated and performed with various multimedia artists. After graduation, she taught dancing to children and adults at Cloud Gate Dancing Studio. In 2016, she founded Inch Dance, an institution dedicated to promoting class of modern dance, body development, improvisation, contact improvisation, as well as performance of dancing theatre. Since 2017 she has been organizing Shanghai Improvisation Festival, including performances and workshops. Performed at Yuz Museum Shanghai, Modern Art Museum Shanghai, chiK11, and various art festivals. Performed “A River of Instants” at the Outdoor Carnival of Wuzhen Art Festival. Choreographer of the children musical Black Cat Detective. She is now teaching at various institutions in Shanghai, sharing her experienced insights about body development, improvisation, and contact improvisation.