【Kids Museum】Art Workshop: The Transparency





Bu Zhicheng

The industrial and scientific civilization is the violent pulse of our time. We cannot work without computers. We cannot communicate without smart phones. Neither can we entertain ourselves without tablet PCs. Our eyes have thus become the most tiring organ. And we communicate less and less as well. However, do you know that our sounds and body languages are also an effective way of communication?
This workshop was a supplement to the exhibition as Listening to Transparency and invited the participants to follow the background music and use their body languages to express beauty and love and thus create a heart-beating dance piece all by themselves.  

Event Schedule
  1. ntroduction (3 mins)
  2. Body movement: to understand the freedom of the body (10 mins)
  3. Take a tour of the exhibition (Listening to Transparency) and select an impressive artwork for expression (30mins)
  4. Interaction: using body language to express the artwork under different background music and let the others guess the meanings behind (40 mins)



The participants were requested to dress in a comfortable and easy-for-movement manner.

D'ore et D'espace / Denys Vinzant

72 Impulse / Yann Orlarey & Trafic Studio

About the Instructor

Bu Zhicheng, choreographer and college lecturer on art education. His career includes event organization, collaboration with various artists, holding art workshops and lectures. As a young artist, Bu has had constant exploration and innovation in the field of art with open mind and unique understanding. He performs different types of dance from international standard dance to modern dance. His artworks have been well received by the public due to his pursuit of romanticism. Believing in “the body will not lie”, he has collaborated with numerous art museums, exhibitions and art fairs and performed dances that are easy to be understood while at the same time filled with beauty of emptiness and mystery.